Permanent make up treatments explained


A hand tool is used on the eyebrow area to create realistic looking hairstrokes, perfect for those who have no eyebrows or sparse patchy brows and require a very natural look.

Powder Brows

A more defined look than microblading, giving the effect of a natural brow defined with make up. This is suitable for people who usually wear makeup on their eyebrows or prefer a slightly more defined look.

The Brow is usually shaded using an ombre technique (fading at the brow head) to ensure that it looks natural yet defined, rather than blocky.

Combination Brows

Methods can be combined to ensure the perfect result for each individual client. This may include a few microbladed hairstrokes combined with background ombre shading for added definition on sparser areas or subtle pixelations between hairstrokes.


Also known as ‘lash enhancement’, this can be applied to the top lashline only or both top and bottom.

A very thin line of pigment is placed into the lash roots to add definition to the eyes and make the lashes appear fuller. Sometimes a slightly thicker line may be done on the top lid, depending on client preference.

Full lip colour

The lip line is carefully contoured and defined, then filled in using a lip colour of your choice. It can be a very subtle natural look or more dramatic depending on personal choice.