The stages of healing

Stage 1

Initially the area will appear red and the implanted colour will look too dark.

Stage 2

The area will start to scab over and may flake slightly.

Stage 3

The area will appear to have almost completely faded and the shape may appear irregular (as the colour and shape is masked by the newly forming skin.)

Stage 4

When all scabs have come away and the area is completely healed the colour may have faded by up to 50% – It is now time to return for your free Perfection appointment!

All areas:

  • If lymphatic fluid or blood weeps from the treated area you may gently blot with a gauze pad, dipped in cooled, boiled water and apply a small amount of the ointment provided (discontinue after a maximum of 3 days  to prevent colour loss.)
  • You may take an antihistamine to reduce swelling
  • Do not use facial peels or products containing acids or strong chemicals in the area at all, as this will cause the pigment to fade.
  • Once the area has begun to heal (approx 10 days) a waterproof sunblock may be used if necessary to prevent the pigment from fading in the sunlight.
  • If you need to apply make up in the treated area try to avoid this for at least  48 hours. It is advised that you use brand new products to limit the risk of infection from contaminated products.
  • Avoid exercising or using a sauna / steam room for at least 48 hrs (preferably longer.) 
  • Do not pick and pull scabs away or rub and scratch the area, as this will remove the pigment! Ointment may be applied to help them come away if necessary.


  • Keep the area dry. You may use a very small amount of ointment to protect the area from moisture when showering or at night to prevent rubbing on pillowcases.


  • Keep the area dry. You may use a very small amount of ointment to protect the area from moisture when showering or at night to prevent rubbing on pillowcases.
  • Avoid the use of contact lenses for 24 hours where practical
  • Wait at least two weeks before having false lashes applied to the area.


  • Keep the area moist
  • If lips feel sore, apply the ointment provided
  • Vaseline or unperfumed lip balm may be used to keep the area supple (products should be new, to avoid the risk of infection via contamination.)
  • If you drink hot drinks directly after the treatment, use a straw to prevent scalding until the numbness has worn off
  • If wearing a face mask use disposable single use masks and remove as soon as possible to prevent infection
  • If you have suffered from cold sores in the past it is likely you will have an outbreak after a lip procedure. Use Zovirax or similar prescription medicine to prevent or lessen an outbreak.
  • Due to the increased risk of cold sores do not go swimming for two weeks.
  • It may take up to 6 weeks for colour to come through, so your perfection appointment should not be made any sooner than this

Please note:

  • After treatment it is normal for the area to appear red or swollen
  • There may be whiteness or blanching in the area due to the application of anaesthetics. This will fade within approximately 12 hours
  • You must not have any further permanent make up treatment in the area until it is totally healed (4-6 weeks)
  • The pigment will initially appear darker, but the colour will fade during the healing process
  • If you are concerned that you are not healing according to the normal stages please consult your practitioner
  • If you are concerned that you may be suffering from an allergic reaction please consult your GP. (Signs of an allergic reaction could include: severe itching and swelling, rash, blistering, excessive dryness, shortness of breath and so on.)
  • To avoid infection please follow the aftercare instructions strictly and be meticulous about hygiene in the treated area.
  • If after care advice is not correctly followed this will result in a less desirable outcome to the treatment. A free perfection appointment is included in the initial treatment price, however different skin types react differently to the procedure and some may not retain the colour so well. If the area treated has faded or lost its shape at the top up treatment stage or if any further treatments are necessary this will incur additional costs.